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at sfpd 12 hours a week. these things show people that -- in the community also a person that has good leadership)q÷ñ potential. my interest in this board is to of course keep my contacts,cexxpuks and assure veterans in san francisco have a safe, clean placel += be. the other thingm ?ñ? is there's a lot of people that come in. sometimes they're on drugs or whatever, they need leadership. and içlñ?ñ? usually suggest to them the÷eñ?ñ? palo alto clinic. i have two veterans down there now. .ñ?ñ?one gentleman went down, he got cleaned up and is living in a successful community based organization right:tñ?ñ?ñ now. so i think it's great. i'm really happy toxññ?ñ? be here. i've been active with the veterans affairs for about a year and a half now, street of course at the war memorial building. zñ?ñ?ñ-i have lots of programs i'd like to implicate and i just need
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more time. so basically just wanted to thank you, and thank you for your time. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. adams. thank you for your application. so next, we havela$by mikel matto. >> good afternoon. and thank you so much for consideringbá"ç0ãme. i have two items that i'd likegóñ?ñ to talk just a little bit about. i am a marine corps veterans, who joined in the state oftyñ?ñ? indiana and i have 15 years with the city. i guess i should ask a question. can you work full time for the city and seven on the commission too? i don't want to tie up your time. >> chair kim: my understanding is that you can, but we can certainly ask our city attorney, mr. givner. thesiñ?ñ? question being, can you
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work full time for the city and county and still serve on the veterans affairslzñ?ñ? commission. i believe the answer is;m t yes, but if we can confirm that. >> cityyñ?ñ? attorney: yes. >> we'll go forward then. i would like to serve on the commission becausex[ñ?ñ?ñ the issue of not having joined the marine corps in san francisco, the years that you serve on active duty cannot be credited towards your retirement. well, my issue with1]iñtñ thatckñ?ñ? is that when i served on active duty, i served right along with san francisco marines and we had the same duties responsibilities. and this was the united states marine corps not marine corps which is where i??ñ?ñ? joined. so i would like to present that issue to perhaps this
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commission, maybe the board of supervisors, so÷lñ?ñ? that people who work for the city who did not join san francisco -- join the service in san francisco, could get consideration because we all serve side fought or whatever we did in the service. and this is what i did in the marine corps. my second issue is i'd like to see just a little ñ?ñ?ñ bit more done for veterans coming out of the military not only veterans coming out of the military, but also homeless veterans and veterans coming5wñ?ñ? out of pretty prison. before i came to2s5cdt$@v the city i worked for the -- as a jobs developer working in a 26 construction apprenticeship programs. so i worked a lot with ex-offenders, people coming out of prison and wase=(ñr in jail and was able to get those people in the 26 trades actively working. that's been 20 years ago. and i still run into some of
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them today who are now foremen on the job, teaching at apprenticeship school. so when i say do just a little bit more, i used to visit the division of apprenticeship standards because they were sort of the consultants, the police of the apprenticeship programs they would say why do you just concentrate on the 26 construction trade there are over 400iq÷=wlm different apprenticeship programs in the state of california and i can tell you that you don't have everybody working inzóx/ program. i said well i can easily answer that question. i don'tcbñ?ñ? work for myself, i work for someone over at the community based organization and they have qá2 restrictedu÷ñ?ñ?ñ me to just working with the 26 building trade?qñ?ñ? apprenticeship programs. but even with that assignment that was a tremendous amounte;ñ?ñ? of work. but it was okay because if it'sptvc8 something you lovegv don't mind. atalñ?ñ least i don't mind.
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the consult tenants would point out to me that we have over 400 programs in the state of california you shouldn't just focus on the construct) ñ?ñon trades. you ought to tell the director to look at some of thesejpñ?ñ? other apprenticeship programs because some areañ?ñ? just as lucrative as the 26 trades. when i say let's do a little bit more i'm talking in terms maybe people -- and they could be san francisco employees, who work for the city, somebody like me for example, that could maybe talk to someone tod$éa:q=ó[ look, let's do just a little bit more@ññ?ñ? and help these veterans find work, whenhuñ?ñ?ñ they're coming out of the military because at the military relief centers, they give you your paperwork and then they ask you if you want to become a reservist. and that's it. so it could be somebody working at the military relief centers
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and say look we've got a number of apprenticeship training programs here that you can go into or if you want to use your moneys that you saved up while you're in the military to go to clem, a four year university you can@ñ?ñ? do that as well but you have people who want to go straight to work particularly those with families to raise. so if this commission could have a conversation about just a little bit more that you can do to help the veterans coming out of the military the veterans who are homeless, and the veterans coming out of the prison, i think san francisco could be the vanguard, as far as that is concerned. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. you also wrote that you are the treasurer of your neighborhood homeowners association. what neighborhood is that? >> bayview hunters point. >> chair kim: thank you very much. next, i'd like to call up mikel
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matto and john gallagher. and i didn't announce this forótñ?ñ? our first couple of applicants but i noted that we only have one applicant for seat six, which requires an individuals=ñ?ñ? with a physical disability. but if you would li3úñ?ñ?e to identify as an individual physical disability, it would be helpful for this city as well. we have mikel. he's not here. john. >> i'm john gallagher. service connected disabled vetera8ñ?ñ?n. got out of the marine corps discharged honorably. i began working at a work study, i worked at the v.a. clinic,
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working there for a year moved over to the vet center, which is in chico, california from 2002 to 2003 forx stress disorder, for thosenlñ?ñ? very experiences -- 2003 i worked foríiñ?ñ?ñ a veterans executive committee for rehabilitative services. we're a small shelter only housing five to six veterans at a time. i did case management, did my bachelor's degree in social work and my honors project was near homeless veterans in northern california and we received a grant to receive funding when we grew to a shelter the size of 30 bedrooms which exists today. in 2005 i graduated, and worked at county veteran service office in nevada for about six months as a part time temporary worker as a veterans claim representative. that position ended up in -- veterans service office
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for a year and in 2007 i began in veterans county service office here as a claims representative full time and that's what i've gone doing ever since. what i bring is a wide range of experience for services from northern california which is where the majority of veterans come from and they experience anything from mental health care to claims pensions, disabilities education housing, shelter. because i've been there, doing the work. z#ku door, across the streets>o am waiting. i've been doing it every day, since i've gotten out. i work closely with everybody here in the room, and anybody that works with veterans, one hour a week 10 hours a week 50 hours, whatever they end up doing. hope i can get on the commission maybe bring something from inside of doing the work every day that might implement programs that make it
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better for veterans here. >> chair kim: thank you so much, mr. gallagher. next, we have michael maffei. is michael in the room? okay. >> michael called and said he -- public comment? >> chair kim: we will open it up for public comment. he had not informed our office that he would be here late. so it would have been helpful if he had let us know in advance but at this time we will open itj 9ñké up for public comment. if you'd like to speak, line up on the right side of> good afternoon, supervisors.-i÷rm=j
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i'm steven notesel, i serve on the veterans affairs commission, i'm secretary of theí1fv"gñ commission. and we have some well-qualified candidates, all á.fhsátw them on the list have good qualifications. but i'm here to speak particularly for three who i think are a cut above the rest in termsm-vm%r@! of specific qualification that is applicable to the veterans affairs commission. the first one isñakog @ john gallagher who just spoke. i would like to speak on his behalf. i knowtí5unñoi from personal experience what a competent and advocate he is for veterans. like i said from personal experience, working &p gez with the v.a. but also, more than that, i think it's important thk÷ñ?ñ?ñt the commission has, in its -- within its -- on the person who is, for the first time someone who/@c3uu, works for the county veteran service office. we need a greateri5-1ly/ connection
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with that department, and it would be a great asset to have him workingv0 ubz the commission. if i could just take one second to mention two other candidates, who i don'tm1>2lr know why are not here, both of them, to my knowledge, were going to be here.k5z!w but mr. maffei works for the city of san francisco as an?0 attorney. he also would be -- and he's been to several meetingsa he's shown a great interest on the commission. and he also would be a very special asset to theoi#iz because of his connection with various entities in the city?p7 including the sheriff's department and the potential we have for advocating:empñr veterans court and so on. finally,5j!!d÷ dr. matto, who is a psychiatrist and has special insight into the problems of post-traumatic stress disorder and so on. hes0ñh be an excellent -- so i ask you to hold your decision, finally in abeyance until you have had an
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opportunity to speak to those other two gentlemen. otherwise i advocate for mr. gallagher. thank you. >> chair kim: actually both our office and the clerk did try to contact mr. matto and he didn't respond to either calls. i don't know if you have his contact but see if he's on his way. same for mr. maffei. >> i spoke with him recently. he was fully intending to be here. whether it'svññ?ñ? his job as city attorney -- >> chair kim: no need to explain. if you can contact them, that would be great. >> wallace livein long time member of the veterans affairs commission. the commission is in need of -- we've never had an attorney onoñ?ñ?ñ the commission. we're looking at a lot of things in that area.4yd:ñ4vwfxñ?ñ?ñ and michael maffei, as a deputy
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district attorney, and he1#7ct has a very heavy case load, his life is not his.'a8d,÷ññ?ñ? own, he has attended meetings of the veteransr#l6 40ñ affairs commission, almost all theñvta meetings the past year. and he would be a ñ?ñ tremendous asset to the commission. and if he's not here it'sq< becauseesbecause he's assigned something in court or he)i a7 to appear before a judge. but we've never had an attorney and he is very much needed on0$nd)o the commission. and i asked your clerk prioriñ?ñ? to the meeting, and she toldtlu>0)[l me that he had called, and said thates going to be delayed. i mzpi don't -- >> chair kim: we have been able to talk to+ it's mic mat that mikelñ;í[oxg/ matto that both of us have called and he's not responded to our calls. >>r i'm not -- and i'll just leave you with this thought ñ?ñ.
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the commission needs input with the7÷ñ?ñ'j we have that now with our president. we need an attorney. we need input from the county veterans). service office. and we+xñ?ñ? need input from city collegedñ?ñ? which has 1,000 veterans there now. and that's the importantsçf,x!iñ city college, anqoñ?ñ? attorney, and the county veterans service;ma office. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you very.jv:z; muchlñ?ñ?. >> good afternoon, supervisors. hope you're doingo k well toda
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tof÷ñ?ñ? try to gear commissions and organizations in a7zñ?ñ? way that will benefit their constituents. and thew[wñ÷'' v.a. commission is one of those bodiesy dtw that sometimes find it difficult to try to get information that's needed) .6o for our veterans out to the people who matter, to make decisions, based udxxyok: the input of the commission. with thatik8""i,h said,jçñ?ñ i see that the commission needs people that can wo);"0 provide the resources and the input necessaryvy&wmñ to get actions to the people that matter.?épe>bpt and i would like to ñ?ñ? nominate -- or2lów2p9ó actually support the following individuals for the differentkç @;cy seats. burnburnette for seat three.
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johng;á@brç gallagher for seat six. and i feel with members we have andó):=oivç the addition of these three members i think our commission will be on the road to!z help bring the important changes that the city zf#anw san francisco need forfsod7+í ourñ?ñ fellow veterans. and i thank you for your]ñ?ñ? time and for your support. >> chair kim:áçñ?ñ? commissioner, if you don't mind, i just had/9ñ=nyñ a request. the admin requires that at least one of the board appointees have a service related disability. do at least one of our 12 appointees have a service related disability? >> of the current people we have here? my understanding john gallagher is a service connected -- >> chair kim: i know he is. currently on the commission do any of our 12 appointees have
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service related >> i'm sure there are other commissioners that are service connected. >> chair kim: currently how many women sit on theq9!kcmñ commission? >> currently we have four women on the commission. >> chair kim: thank you so much, commissioner. >>ivuá >> chair kim: i appreciate you being here today. >> good afternoon, supervisor noñvoñ kim and supervisor ferrell. today i come before you to request5p appointment of michael™
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immigration, financial landlord disputes and credit ñ?ñ? issues. currently as assistant district attorney"ñ?ñ for the city and county of san francisco he: ?ñ? works closely with the veterans who are incarcerated in!mñ?ñ? the legal justice system. he works closely with v.a. in attempting to resolve many of their issues that they're having, and offering rehabilitation treatment and support from social services agency to ensure thatw& hñ these veterans, who are currently incarcerated, will get the much-neededesñ?ñ assistance and outreach that they soyñ?ñ? desire.kvñ?ñ?cck4y also with=%$sbhvñ mr. maffei's legal background and law degree, we don't have a -- anyone in our commission that possess]
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qualification that he has. thank you supervisors, for this consideration. >> chair kim: thank you so much for being here\' this item? seeing none public comment is closed i'll say very quickly, i was very interested in particular in hearing michael maffei and'm;jd mikel matto speak. we've not had a doctor or lawyer on the commission before. generally the rules committee does not appoint individuals that we have not heard before us. supervisor ferrell i know you might want to add to that discussion. >> supervisor farrell: first of all i want to thank the existing members of the commission who came here today. thank you for your service. not only in armed forces, but on the commission itself. itáu[é thank you so much for the time you've spent on that. to the applicants that came here today thank you as well.
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not only for applying but for your service. again, as a kid who grew up with his dad in the air force, there's no higher duty and higher honor. so thank you all for what you have done. i agree, there is actually -- also, i would like to see mr. reed -- or at least give him a chance to appear. so let me make a suggestion. although maybe we could talk more about the seat six thing.tsñ?ñ okay. so seat six says it's not officially to our city)@ñ?ñ? attorney, it's not officially a disabled seat by the rules of this committee. >> city attorney: that's right/)vhx= opinion it may have been at some point in the past when the commission was first created, that seat was designated for a person with a service related disability. under the current ordinance thenññ?ñ? requirement is just that one of the board's 12/g
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have af;ñ?ñ? service physicalñtñ?ñ? disability. doesn't have to be the person sit nothing that seat. >> supervisor farrell: andññ?ñ? we confirmed there is an existing member. >> chair kim:o fú himself confirmed he has a disability related to:rñd]n#ñ his service. >> supervisor farrell: what i was going to suggest was today put mr. gallagher into seat six and=÷ñ?ñ?ñ really appreciate your testimony, and everyone else's as well and hold off on the other twoujñ?ñ? seats so we can give them a chance at least one morebfñ?ñ? time for the folks to show up. i think'sñ?ñ? mr. burn eft,d5ñ?ñ ms. tramil a lawyer would make fine additions but i would like to give the people opportunity to show up. so i was going to propose that -- and i'm still going to do so unless you would want to keep all three seatsbé until the next time, that's fine with me as well. but i agree, especially given the testimony of the commissioners, i think having
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some of these people come forth and be able to talk would be something we'd want to do. >> chair kim: and i do want to thank all the2ñ?ñ? mtious particularly the commission who came out to speak on behalf ofhsñ?ñ? the appointees today. it was helpful. i had wanted to hear from these individuals:#iç after having read their application. we will do a reach out again and appreciate your assistance in reaching out?1ñ?ñ? to dr. matto. i would feel if we can continue all of the seats jbñ?ñ?u[pw greater level of flexibility. but i did want to thank both mr. burnette, mr. adams,s?ñ? ms. tramil and mr. gallagher for coming out today when we had scheduled it. we certainly will not ask you to come to the next rules committee meeting because we have heard you and your presentation. thank you so much for your service, your commitment your ideas. i think they would all lend itself very well onto the commission but i think it would be helpful to hear from some of
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the other applicants as well tolñ?ñ?@ give them one more opportunity. at this point we have not heard from them and will consider them amongst those that are there. i would feel comfortable continuing this to the call of the chair hopefully we will be able to schedule itáre november 15 which is our next rules committee and we will be able to get those individuals in attendance. i'm also grateful that we have some young folks that have applied as well, both mr. burnette and mr. gallagher. i think with thehuñ?ñ? wave of young veterans that are coming to the city it's very important for this commission to have that perspective and that experience as well that they can do outreach to the new veterans that are coming back to the city -- or coming toetñ?ñ? the city and county of san francisco. it was great to hear that you felt that this is -- mr. burnette -- or a friendly place for veterans to comepr]añíx to. i'm appreciative because i think it really is due to our veterans community-7 -ñ that that -- many of the things were put in place before you came to
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san francisco. so i was glad to hear that. so we have a motion to continue to the call of the chair. and we can do that without opposition. thank you so much to all the applicants who are here today. madam clerk, can you please call item 3. >> linda wong: item 3 ordinance amending the administrative code to extend the sunset date of the public utilities revenuehqñ?ñ? bond oversight committee toever 1, 2016. >> chair kim: thank you. and we do have the author of that legislation here, supervisor mark ferrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you, chair kim. i know we continued this from last rules committee meeting. we do have members of the puc here as well to i think talk to some of the outstanding questions and we have our city attorney that also looked into it so we can have a dialogue as well. >> chair kim: my apologies. i want to recognize that supervisor david campos has joined us. >>uívw]bdsu
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financial officer of our san francisco public utilities commission and thank you for÷fl÷ considering this legislation today. i think it's important for the television audience as well as you who already know to briefly summarize why this/zñ?ñ? is so meaningful to us. one is it's4lñ?ñ? helpful for ratepayer assurance and for the public that we have sound and prudent oversight. and also, every time i go to meet with the rating agencies, whether#ññ?ñ? moody's standard and poor or fitch they@÷ñ?ñsee our oversight committees whether it's the mayor or our revenue bond oversight committee ordñ?ñ? our rate fairness board, we have about 10 of them, they are independent financial officer our controller's office, our city services auditor as)qñ?ñ?ñ well as our citizens advisory committee,
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we have people who care and pay attention and look at every dollar and how it's being spent. than#ñ?ñ? you for reconsidering an extension of this oversightq-ñ?ñ?ñ body. it's important. that being said i do understand in previous -- inaxñ?ñ? a previous meeting there were somee?"f suggestions on how we might make it even stronger. i÷nñ?ñ?ñ,ñb3@í want you to know that the public utilities commission is open9ññ?ñ?ñ to helping implement any good ideasañ? to make it stronger, and to make our credit strength and our ratepayer assurances as solid as we can. for the public asf éahr well, our next meeting will be november 19 at 9:30 to noon induñ?ñ? our second floor conference room, and we welcome everyone to come to that he ay:ur'g. happy to answerr9ñ?ñ? any questions. >> supervisor farrell: questions? >>[mco3oy thank you. >> supervisor farrell: i just want to know, mr. young, wouldl3 x÷ñ you mind coming up real quickmiv
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thanks for being here. i6e2%j2oq know so mr. young is on the -- part of the puc and the clerk's office. part of the question is, one of the options we let it sunset and kind ofy34 recreate it under an ordinance before the board; iifú÷x have a copy of the funds and where they come from. but by looking atu2cç6.4 this, the funds do operate the rback are coming from thev÷m bonds being issued correct? >> the funds to operate b:6fí the commissions come from the sf puc which is a reimbursement to the board of supervisorsff+j+pç per mou. the funds that are -- go to #c"3ym the revenue bond oversight is a percentage of each bond sale. but that is held in)léqh hç account and
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for contractual services for auditors and that typeéj)jú6gx of services. >> supervisor farrell: perfect. thank you. just wanted to clarifyfw9#b that's all ié(ññpvg have. >> chair kim: supervisor campos. >> co-chair campos: thank you very much. i do want to thank the this legislation for the continuance. my feeling is that to the extent that there are concernsap that there are ways that some of those concerns can be addressed with this still moving forward so i lookañwqg]?7 forward to working with them on that, as thistñáó;avç proceeds. >> chair kim: okay. so at this time, we will open it ey is there any public comment on this z3:% ç item? >>7 8im%u david pilpel with the department of public comment. we heard this two weeks ago. i did asl

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